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How long can you lose your license for a DUI conviction?

Given the key role driving can play in a person's everyday activities, having one's driving privileges taken away for a time can be a big blow. Among the things that can subject a person to losing their license here in Tennessee is being convicted of drunk driving.

In Tennessee, a license revocation is one of the penalties typically given for a DUI conviction. How long this revocation is for depends on how many drunk driving offenses a person has on their record. The revocation length is:

  • 1 year for a first DUI offense.
  • 2 years for a second DUI offense.
  • 6 years for a third DUI offense.
  • 8 years for a fourth DUI offense or higher.

As a note, these are the revocation lengths for standard DUI charges. For drunk driving charges related to special circumstances, like DUI crashes that cause serious injuries, different rules apply.

There can be a way to get limited driving privileges when one is under a DUI-related license revocation here in Tennessee. This is because receiving a restricted license can be a possibility in relation to revocations for standard DUI offenses.

Once the revocation period is over, there are certain things a person needs to do in order to get their license reinstated. This includes paying certain added fees.

One thing that can be critical for those accused of DUI is to understand what steps can be taken to protect their future in the face of the charges that are before them. Among the things that can play an important part in having such an understanding is being aware of the license-revocation-related consequences and issues that could come up in their case. Defense attorneys can help DUI suspects with understanding and responding to the various issues in their case, including those related to possible loss of license.

Source: Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, "DUI Offenses," Accessed June 28, 2017

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