Addressing Your Child Custody Concerns

Child custody matters can be challenging because of what is at stake. Determinations regarding child custody matters involve what are in the best interests of the child. It is important to keep this in mind when you are a parent going through a stressful divorce.

When child custody matters are in dispute, you require a lawyer who places your needs and concerns pertaining to your child first. The attorneys at Peterson White LLP will listen to your concerns, and work toward achieving the best possible outcome. As we recognize how contentious such matters can be, we offer caring and compassionate guidance and advice. We will be there for you from the moment you first visit our office until final resolution of your child custody and visitation matter.

The Child Custody Services We Provide

Our Knoxville firm will provide you a wide variety of representation concerning your child custody dispute, including:

  • Representation at court, mediation, appeals and settlement negotiations
  • Preparation and negotiation of visitation and parenting plans
  • Grandparents' visitation and custody concerns
  • Paternity and fathers' rights proceedings
  • Custody and adoption issues pertaining to same-sex couples
  • Mediation representation to resolve custody issues

Because of our extensive family law experience, we are able to help you understand the legal process in Tennessee when it comes to child custody matters. We can explain to you all of your legal options, and discuss with you the differences between primary custody, joint custody and sole custody. Should issues arise later on pertaining to child support obligations or the needs for modification of existing family law orders, we can take immediate action.

We Are There For You

When representing you, we will strive to find the right solution that meets your particular circumstances. Our priority is to do what is best for you and your child. Because of our experience, knowledge and attention to detail, we can offer you creative solutions to complex family law issues. We will build a persuasive and strong case in order to protect your rights as a parent.

Let Us Assist You

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your child custody concerns in depth, contact our law firm by calling 865-909-7246.